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      1. Dental Workforce Oversupply Developing in Canada

        Current workforce data suggest that there is an oversupply of dentists throughout most regions of Canada, and the current supply of dentist will continue to significantly outpace the population growth. This situation poses a serious challenge to dentists who want to establish a viable practice in Canada. 

        The purpose of this site is to provide information and statistics on the state of dental workforce by province/ territory in Canada, including a national overview. 

        National Overview of Supply of Dentists in Canada

        The development of a dental dental workforce of supply is an issue of increasing importance in Canada.  In 2014, the population to dentist ratio in Canada was 1653, however there is a wide variation across the provinces, from a low of 1493 in British Columbia to a high of 2759 in Newfoundland/ Labrador.  There are variations in the distribution of the dental workforce across Canada, not only by jurisdiction but also by rural and urban regions, whereas the density of dentists in urban areas is now roughly three times that in rural areas. For example, the population to dentist ratio of the Toronto regional municipality recently was 1081 compared to a population to dentist ratio of 2683 in the Northern Ontario Manitoulin district. 

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        As can be seen in the graphic, population to dentist ratios have been decreasing in all parts of the country over the last decade, and in some provinces more than others.  What this means is that there are growing numbers of dentists entering practice, while the growth of the population is not keeping pace with this increase in dentists.  


        Provincial and Territorial Information on Supply of Dentists

        The type and amount of data varies greatly by province and territory, therefore there is no uniformity in the information presented, but rather a summary based on the information available in each jurisdiction.

        For provincial and territorial information on the supply of dentists in Canada click on the province or territory below.

        British Columbia
        New Brunswick
        Newfoundland and Labrador
        Northwest Territories
        Nova Scotia
        Prince Edward Island
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